Kaveri Sinhji


In my 22 years of professional experience, I have used communication as a powerful tool to enable leaders to strategize and achieve business goals. Today, I work with Telia company, a large digital communications provider in the Nordics. Based in Stockholm at the company’s group headquarters, I work with Telia’s Transformation team, supporting their leaders in communicating the ongoing and upcoming changes, ensuring people across the organization are informed, updated and inspired to engage.
I love to learn!
I get a kick out of betting on the future and planning my relevance, by constantly equipping myself through up-skilling and continued learning.

People always first!
And my personal philosophy of putting people first has consistently led me to create sustainable growth, in everything I do.

My favorite challenges at work
– Transformation & change: supporting change managers, change champions, engagement managers and strategic leaders with their communication
-Internal communication: strategizing and execution
– Diversity & Inclusion – Policy Roll Out through Employee Engagement.
– Communications & Marketing Management – strategies and implementations for startups and transforming companies.
– Growth: Road-maps and Execution