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The People 1st team understands the indispensable role that service providers play in supporting you and equipping your organization to lead with confidence and drive your business forward.

That’s why we’re expanding our community of trusted partners, in order to meet these evolving demands.

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The People 1st team recognises the crucial role that service providers play in guaranteeing a smooth HR experience. Therefore, we are actively broadening our network of reliable partners to address the changing demands in this field

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  1. Unlock Valuable Insights via our People 1st Annual Global Trends Report
  • Enjoy exclusive access to People 1st’ market research and intelligence, empowering you with valuable industry knowledge and trends including regional Focus Areas & Services of Interest (circa 1000 respondents)
  1. Elevate your Brand & Strengthen its Presence within our Global Community of HR Leaders
  • Gain recognition as a People 1st Trusted Partner with your 100 word listing, logo and contact details prominently displayed on both our website People 1st Community, showcasing your expertise and amplifying your visibility to our esteemed community reaching a global audience of potential new partners.
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  • Complimentary invite to join our People 1st Strategic Partner networking drinks
  1. People 1stTrusted Partner Accreditation
  • Build credibility with our People 1stTrusted Partner logo which can be displayed on your teams email signatures, website and marketing endeavours, instilling confidence in your brand and demonstrating your commitment to excellence.
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  • First refusal on event sponsorship
  • 5% discount on your first event sponsor booking